From Washoe County: 

During Tuesday’s Board of Fire Commissioners meeting, Washoe County Natural Resource and Park Planner Cheryl Surface gave the board an update about the Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team’s efforts to restore the Little Valley Fire area. The BAER team is staffed by specially trained professionals, who rapidly evaluate the burned area and prescribe emergency stabilization treatments.

Over the past 3 weeks, the BAER team has completed the assessments and surveys of all properties that have right-of-entry in and around the burn area of the Little Valley Fire, photographing, mapping and assessing parcels impacted by the fire.

“Wildland fires are devastating to property owners who lose their homes and properties, but once the fire is out, (BAER) teams are concerned with hazards from falling trees, plugged culverts, soil movement and potential flooding that may further impact property owners,” Surface said. “Washoe County is leading the interagency BAER team to assess safety concerns, develop plans and provide for emergency stabilization post-fire.”

The BAER team plans to do the following: 
Franktown Rd. watershed reseeding and vegetation planting
Franktown Rd. irrigation ditch, drainages, water diversion, structures and culverts cleaned and opened
Installation of 10,000 lineal feet of straw erosion logs
Installation of 12 rock check dams
Hazard tree, log erosion barrier and salvage assessments
Hazard tree removal and log erosion barrier placement

Surface reported that the BAER team met with residents on Monday evening and over the coming months will continue right-of-entry with residents to access private property, work on securing funding to implement a plan for residents and continue health assessments of the nearby forest.

Vice-Chair Bob Lucey (Dist. 2) said, “I appreciate all of the hard work that the BAER team has done over the past month in the Little Valley Fire burn area. I know it’s been a daunting task.”

The Little Valley Fire started on Friday, Oct. 14, 2016 in Washoe Valley. The fire blackened 2,291 acres, destroying 23 homes, damaging one and destroying 17 outbuildings.

From Washoe County