The Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating an incident involving a man who was tased in south Reno early Sunday morning. 

NHP says Trooper Gocke was making a traffic stop on South Virginia Street just south of Kietzke Lane around 8:45 a.m. when he saw a white passenger vehicle pull up behind his marked patrol car, and then stopped. Trp. Gocke finished with his initial stop then walked back to the passenger vehicle that had parked behind him.
As Trp. Gocke approached that vehicle, he noticed that Steven Mumper went to the rear of his vehicle and opened the trunk.

Trp. Gocke asked Mumper how he was and what was going on.  Mumper apologized. Trp. Gocke replied, “For what?” They say Mumper then stated, “I can’t do it myself, I’m sorry, I need you to do it.” With that, Trp. Gocke observed Mumper pull a black curved knife approximately 14” in length from the trunk of his car.  Authorities say Trp. Gocke drew his firearm and radioed the Department of Public Safety’s dispatch center to call for assistance.  

Trp. Gocke directed Mumper to drop the knife and began to ask him questions to learn more about him and what he wanted.  While addressing the questions being asked, Troopers say Mumper continued to hold the knife in his right hand and continued to disobey the orders given by the Trooper to drop the weapon. 

While walking away from Trp. Gocke, they say Mumper struck road signs with the knife. Trp. Gocke followed him as Mumper then walked into traffic from the sidewalk. 

Back up units arrived.  

Authorities say as Trp. Gocke kept Mumper’s attention, Nevada Highway Patrol’s Lieutenant Larsen approached Mumper from behind and deployed his Taser, striking Mumper in the back. Mumper dropped his knife and was subdued without further incident.

Mumper was taken to a local area hospital by Trp. Gocke for evaluation.