"I just think it's crazy how many different signs for different things there are," says 17-year-old Austin Wahn. 

The Reno High School student was out Thursday cleaning up campaign signs, "For school we have to get political hours and we have to get at least five, or we get extra credit if we get more. And I knew someone that worked for Mark Amodei, so I went and talked to her about it."

Government officials are reminding campaigns of the deadlines to get rid of them. Inside the City of Reno, signs have to be removed within five days of the election (Sunday November, 13th.) The City of Sparks and Washoe County allow signs to stay up for 10 days after the election (Friday November, 18th.) The Nevada Department of Transportation regulates signs on state roads, like the main interstates but other roads like McCarran Boulevard in Reno and U.S. 395 in Pleasant Valley. The deadline for sign removal there is 30 days after the general election.

"Now that the election's over, it's important to know that political signs installed, on private property, neighboring a state road," says Meg Ragonese, Public Information Officer with the Nevada Department of Transportation, "Must be removed by December 8th."

NDOT regulates signs throughout the campaign to make sure drivers' keep their eyes on the roads and not political signs. Once the election is over though, even the legal ones have to go, "We're also getting into winter weather where we're going to see wind and also blow some of these signs that might be left around onto the roadway."

Once the deadlines pass, officials will remove signs, contact the campaigns, and hold them for 30 days before destroying them.