The University of Nevada, Reno, is hosting several African journalists from nine different countries. They were at Reno High School's polling place Tuesday to see first hand how the election process works.

"Journalists that are here today are seeing what we are doing and how the American process is successful and how we do our elections properly," said Michael Graf, University of Nevada, Reno, International Program. 

The journalists said visiting the United States during the election has helped them gain context for their reporting and allowed them to see flaws in their own country's process. One journalist said she was especially impressed with how Washoe County uses electronic voting machines.

"In my country, there is paper with a box and in my country we say that there is some corruption behind the vote because we use paper to vote," said Samira Sabou.

Sabou hopes that her reporting on the successful use of electronic voting machines in the U.S. will have an influence in her country to one day make the switch and lessen voter fraud.