Taking a look at early voting and absentee/mail-in ballots in Nevada, it looks like Democrats have an edge in the Silver State for now. 

The number of ballots cast before Election Tuesday was up in 2016 compared to 2012, but there are also more than 200,000 more active voters now compared to then.

In 2012, 56 percent of active voters in Nevada voted early or by mail compared to 53 percent in 2016 (could increase with more mail-in ballots).

Of the 769,997 ballots cast so far in Nevada, 42 percent are registered Democrats, 36 percent are registered Republican and 22 percent are not registered with one of the two major parties.

In Washoe County, the record setting number of ballots were cast early, up by about 13,000 since 2012. The number of active voters went up by about 23,000 so the turnout was up, but not even by a full percentage point. 

Among the ballots cast early in Washoe County, 40 percent are registered Democrats, 39 percent are registered Republicans, and 21 percent are from another registration.

This is simply turnout and there is no way of knowing if people voted along party lines and there is still election day totals to add. Looking at the numbers for 2012, Democrats had a 6-percent higher turnout and President Barack Obama won Nevada by 7 points over Mitt Romney.

Early In-person and Absent/Mail-in* Results (According to Nevada Secretary of State - 11/5/16 2 p.m.)
Statewide: 769,997 
Democrats: 324,239
Republicans: 279,611
Other: 167,148

Washoe County: 146,128
Democrats: 62,205
Republicans: 56,952
Other: 31,224

*Could increase with absent/mail-in ballots accepted in person through election day. 

Percentages calculated using results/information from the Nevada Secretary of State and Washoe County Registrar of Voters: