There was never a gun.

There was only a sign that read, "Republicans Against Trump," and the man who held it, 33-year-old Reno resident Austyn Crites. Crites was escorted by armed police officers and military members as Donald Trump was being rushed off the stage.

"I am very thankful for the law enforcement who was able to quickly come," he said. "Had they not been there, it's possible these people could have strangled me, and killed me right there."

Perhaps that is one of the few things Crites and the G.O.P nominee agree on. Trump retook the stage shortly after Secret Service swiftly evacuated Trump during the chaos.

"These guys are fantastic," said Trump. "They don't get enough credit, they don't get enough credit, they're amazing people."

Crites, a registered Republican, came to the Donald Trump rally at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center Saturday. He was expecting to be booed, but he was never expecting to be tackled, punched, kicked, and grabbed, he tells us. 

"Oh we have one of those guys from the Hillary Clinton campaign," said Trump, right before the incident escalated.

The crowd boos.

"How much are you being paid, $1,500?," asks Trump. "Alright. Take him out."

"I wasn't going to wait for Mr. Trump to get shot," John Atyeo, a Reno resident. "So I tackled the guy (Crites) to the ground."

Atyeo tells us the scene was chaotic. A man shouted, "He had a gun," and that man ran like he was scared. There was never a gun. Instead, Crites tells us as he was pulling out his "Republicans Against Trump" sign and that people could have gotten confused.  

"It was split seconds," said Atyeo. "There was no time to think."

"It was just a sign," said Crites.

Crites was escorted from the convention center after being questioned by law enforcement for over an hour. He isn't sure if he was injured because of high adrenalin. Crites agreed to talk to us because he felt the issue was, 'important.'

"He (Trump) is very dangerous for the country," said Crites. "This is the type of thing that concerns me about Donald Trump. People who are fascists, people who are dictators culminate this type of environment. They get people just absolutely ape."

Crites has canvassed for Hillary Clinton earlier this year, and will not vote for Donald Trump on Tuesday.

"I hope people in Nevada will think twice before they push the button for this guy," he said.