Businesses partnered with schools and gave 4,000 8th graders a chance to interact with professionals. The object: to help students choose from career opportunities that will soon be on their horizon. 

In a truck simulator set up by the Nevada Trucking Association, 13-year-old George Volk maneuvers an imaginary 18-wheeler….much like how he's maneuvering through some career possibilities.

Watching over his driving skills is Eric Flick, a driver for FedEx. Eric’s been in the trucking business for 24 years. He says now, they're on the verge of having a big problem. As he told us, "We do have a driver shortage right now." He says older drivers are retiring, and folks don't know about all their high-tech jobs: "Our dispatchers use technology every day to route our freight or tell our customers where the freight's at."

Today, with big companies moving in and baby boomers retiring, there will be work to be found. Many industries represented at this job expo for students tell us that in the future, it will actually be hard to find good workers. Tomas Macaluso who's the assistant principal for TMCC High School told us right off, "I will tell you right now…there is 100% a skill gap. Especially in this area as you see the new Nevada economy coming on board."

And a nuts-and-bolts industry like construction needs those workers too. Chuck Cook was manning the booth for Q&D Construction. "There doesn't seem to be as many people going into the construction industry. There are a lot of good jobs in the construction industry, and I'm not so sure that everybody's aware that there are good jobs."

All reasons why Chuck...and FedEx recruiter Eric are reaching out, trying to get students like Vivian Ramirez interested in filling up the ranks, and making their career choices. Vivian told us, "There are several careers I really like, and I have to narrow it down to one." Vivian has a bit of a head start…she already has a good idea of what she wants to do: "A surgeon or a pediatrician. But I'm not quite sure yet."

Back in the truck simulator…Eric makes his pitch, with an impressive number of how much George can make behind the wheel: “You can make over six-figures if you choose this career and work hard. George’s response? "Yeah, that sounds like pretty good pay for this type of job."

He can work with that, but George has time on his hands…and if things go as projected, there are great opportunities ahead.