On Monday morning, The Washoe County Registrar’s Office reports a record 129,727 people in Washoe County voted early for the General Election. The previous record was 111,189 early voters for the 2012 General Election.

"We've already exceeded our previous record," Luanne Cutler, Washoe County Registrar said. "So, we're looking to reach upwards of 125,000 or more. So, that's really exciting for us."

More than half of the votes are expected to be cast early, and if the numbers continue to grow at that pace, it could even exceed half of all registered voters.

"It's very exciting to see such a great turnout and we hope to break records there as well, when the overall turnout is calculated," Cutler said.

Washoe County has 23 early voting locations this year. Many polling locations are open seven days a week. The exact hours and locations of the early voting sites are available at the Registrar’s website

Early voting closes Friday at 7pm, but long lines may extend past the deadline.

"Last night, we had people still voting after 7:00, so I expect that the lines may be long enough that we may have people even voting as late as 8:00, tonight," Cutler said.

Washoe County Democrats jumped out to an early lead in the number of early voters, but Republicans have caught up and closed the gap.

"There's only about 1,000-1,500 vote difference between the two parties, so it is pretty much 'Even Steven'," Cutler said. "So, it's anybody's guess how it's going to end up."

The Nevada Secretary of State's Office says more than 621,000 Nevadans have already early voted, either in-person or by absentee ballot/mail.

Once early voting ends, the recorded cartridges will be taken to the Washoe County Registrar's Office.

"We will store them in our vault until 7pm on Election Day, which is when we'll go ahead and tally those," Cutler said.

There will be no more voting from Saturday through Monday, but there is still a lot of work, behind the scenes, to gear up for election day. The early voting turnout is expected to alleviate long lines on Tuesday, but Cutler says to be prepared for possible wait times.

"Try to aim for midday if you can," Cutler said. "7am and 7pm are probably the two busiest times of the day, so if you can go midday, I think your wait will be a lot shorter."

Cutler reports most sample ballots have been mailed. If registered voters have any questions about the sample ballot they have received in the mail, they should contact the Washoe County Registrar of Voters Office at (775) 328-3670.

If your address has changed and you haven’t notified the Registrar’s Office, the sample ballot won’t be delivered through the mail prior to the General Election. Sample ballots, polling place assignments and mail-in ballot status are also now available at www.washoecounty.us/voters. Registered voters are able to get this information online simply by entering their last name and date of birth.

Important dates to know

  • Nov. 4 - Last day to vote early
  • Nov. 8 - General Election Day

UPDATE: As of 11:30 p.m. Friday November 4th, the last day of early voting, 129,725 voters in Washoe County had cast their ballots at early voting locations. Another 16,403 people in Washoe County had mailed in their absentee ballots. In total 146,128 people in Washoe County have voted. 

(Washoe County contributed to this report.)