For decades, 777 south Center Street in Reno, was home to the Maytan music store. Since June, 777 Center has now been the home to a variety of local food and beverage spots in midtown and the location is still continuing to add new tenants.

The latest to sign a lease at the location is a jewelry store that is anticipated to open around the New Year. There’s also a new hair salon which opens Tuesday, November 8th.

The salon, called Lokal Salon, will be owned by two Reno women who went to beauty school together. Lindsey Pangelly and Morgan Lane say opening up their very first business at a spot like 777 Center is exactly what they'd hoped for.

“I think it's super cool, we think it's going to be a fun little like one stop spot, come get lunch, get beer, get your hair done, it's definitely the place to be," says Lane.

Two 1,500 square foot office spaces are still available, as well as 1,200 square foot retail space. Other than that, 777 Center is at full capacity with a variety of different businesses owners.

The property owner, Tom Johnson, says a wide range of retail spaces is what has led to early success in the redevelopment project.

"It's all been entrepreneurial driven, the businesses and the people who've located here just kind of picked this are up by the bootstraps and made it happen on their own and I like that, so that is what drove me to make my investment down here," says Johnson.