In this Reality Check, we are talking about the Senate District 15 race. It is between Republican Heidi Gansert and Democrat Devon Reese.

There are two ads on air right now focusing on this campaign. First, we are looking at the anti-Gansert and the claims Reese makes against her record. 

Announcer: "When it comes to priorities, politician Heidi Gansert has it wrong. Gansert led the plan, cutting teacher pay and a billion dollars from our schools."

This claim is false. In 2011, Gansert was Governor Brian Sandoval's Chief of Staff. Of course in 2011, we were in the recession, and the legislature ended up cutting about $260 million from education compared to the 2009 session. The $1.1 billion was only an estimate of the impact of the cuts. That estimate was from late Senator Debbie Smith. 

Announcer: "Then took a $180,000 job on our dime." 

True. In 2012, Gansert became a Special Assistant to the President for External Affairs at the University of Nevada. She got paid $180,000 a year for economic and workforce development work. 

Announcer: "And after Las Vegas interests gave $30,000, she supported their $750 million football stadium, instead of funding our schools." 

The first part of this claim is true. According to the Nevada Secretary of State's Office, Gansert's campaign has received contributions from Political Action Committees, with Las Vegas casinos supplying some money. But the fact that she supported the stadium instead of funding schools, is simply false. Gansert supports the construction of the stadium. At a debate presented by the Reno Gazette-Journal in early October, Gansert said: 

"It is Clark County money and they will get a $1.9 billion stadium for $750 million in public funds," she said. 

However, the money comes from a hotel room tax in Clark County. It does not have anything to do with the education funding.  

Announcer: "Devon Reese will put Reno first. Making sure tax dollars go to schools, not stadiums." 

It is only speculative that Reese will put Reno first. However, 'making sure tax dollars go to schools, not stadiums,' is false. Once again, the legislation passed doesn't affect education. It is only a tax for Clark County.