It is a powerful ad with some pretty big claims. You've probably seen the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee's spot called, "Another Politician." We put it to the test in Reality Check. 

Women: "Who does Congressman (Joe) Heck think he is? Heck wanted to make abortions illegal. Even in cases of rape or the health of the mother."

Alright, this is misleading... and just a warning it might get complicated. So back in 2012, Congressman Heck voted for the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Yes, it would have prohibited abortions in D.C after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but if the life of the mother was at risk, the abortion could take place. There was no language in the bill that would exempt a pregnancy for rape. 

Woman: "Heck would take away our rights. Heck wants to pass a law that would criminalize doctors."

This is misleading too. You need to take the claim with a grain of salt. We are still talking about the D.C bill. If the pregnancy is 20 weeks or greater, a physician could not perform the abortion unless it puts the woman's life at risk--not her health. By the way, those are two different things. A doctor could be fined, or face no more than two years if they performed the abortion. This failed in the House 220-154.

Woman: "He was willing to shut down the government over Planned Parenthood funding." 

True. Last September, Congressman Heck supported House Resolution 421 that would stop funding for Planned Parenthood for one year if they agree to not perform abortions-- with some exceptions--during that year. It passed, however, Republican lawmakers wanted to attach the funding to a different bill that would keep government offices open during the fiscal year beginning October first. But that didn't happen. 

Woman: "Heck even opposes ensuring equal pay for women." 

True. Congressman Heck along with other House Republicans voted against, and blocked consideration for the Paycheck Fairness Act in May 2013.  

However, in a Las Vegas Sun article from August 2014, Heck said in part, "I firmly believe that everybody doing the same job at the same level should get the same pay."