Premiums under the Affordable Care Act are set to increase by an average of 25% nationwide in 2017.

Janel Davis with the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange says even as rates rise across the country, not as much money will be taken out of northern Nevadan’s pockets.

"We're at an 11.9% increase whereas other states are 65% increase which would be really unfortunate for Nevadans."

Davis says this kind of increase on premiums under the Affordable Care Act is not uncommon to see.     

“It's a natural medical trend; it’s just something that happens throughout the marketplace," says Davis.

Davis says it's still a good idea for consumers to do their research and look into all of their healthcare options as the next enrollment cycle gets closer.

She says luckily for 88% of the people covered under the Affordable Care Act, they're also eligible for federal subsidies, meaning a majority of consumers will likely not even notice the hike in premium costs.

“The increase goes up, but so does the subsidies, so it'll help offset that cost," says Davis.

Another change affecting consumers next year will be a decrease in the amount of insurers to choose from. The total number of insurers will drop from 232 to 167.

In Nevada, that won't be an issue since there won't be a decrease to the amount of insurers that are available.

“The carriers have not changed in comparison to last year, we still have Prominence, Health Plan of Nevada, as well as Anthem," says Davis

Open enrollment for health insurance begins next week on November 1st and goes through January 31st. There will be a kickoff event on November 1st at the Peppermill Hotel & Casino ballrooms from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.