With two weeks until Election Day the U.S. Senate race in Nevada is hotter than ever.

A new ad by Catherine Cortez Masto takes a defensive tone, and accuses Joe Heck's campaign of making false claims in his advertisements.

We take a look at Cortez Masto's ad, "Trash" in this Reality Check.

Announcer: "More ads from Joe Heck's billionaires. They're complete garbage. Crime dropped over 20% while Catherine Cortez Masto was Attorney General."

This claim is true.  

Catherine Cortez Masto became Attorney General in 2007. That year there were 116,814 offenses. In 2014-- that number dropped to 92,376. We did the math, and that's a drop of 21%. 

Announcer: "That's why Cortez Masto has been endorsed by law enforcement. Not Joe Heck." 

Misleading. Cortez Masto has been endorsed by several law enforcement agencies like Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers, the Washoe County Sheriff Deputies Association and several others. Heck has picked up endorsements too,  including Attorney General Adam Laxalt, Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen, 11 other sheriffs, District Attorney Chris Hicks and others. 

Announcer: "And her crackdown on domestic violence and human trafficking earned the praise of Governor (Brian) Sandoval." 

True. But you need to keep in mind two things. This claim comes from the Las Vegas Sun's editorial board, who endorsed Masto for Senate. Secondly, even though Governor Sandoval has praised her, he's actually voting for Heck.

Announcer: "Don't believe Joe Heck's trash. Catherine Cortez Masto has kept Nevada safe."

This claim is subjective. To be honest, mostly every ad we've looked at is mixed with true and misleading claims.