The presidential election is just over a week after Halloween - and presidential masks are a popular choice to celebrate the holiday. They also might be a predictor who might win in November. 

By tracking the sales of the presidential masks, Spirit Halloween says they have been able to accurately predict the winner during presidential election years since 1996. 

Here in Reno, you can choose several versions of a candidate from "Yelling Trump," to the "Surprised Hillary."

"People want to dress up as their favorite candidate or sometimes it's the one they don't like,” says Cynthia Fowler, assistant manager.
Spirit Halloween in Reno has an entire political section, featuring some creative presidential costumes.
And whether you like one or want to mock the other, the candidates have been a hit for sales. 
The national company partnered with the Harris Poll to survey more than 2,000 adults across the country. And the results found that the top reason people chose Hillary Clinton because they like her, while Donald Trump became a choice because people thought it would be funny.  

Journee Clark says if she had to choose between the two, her choice would be the republican presidential nominee. 

"I think Donald is the funnier joke I guess. He's got a toupee, he's got the orange skin. So that's why I probably would choose him."
An American flag suit will be a part of Rickey Medlocke's costume...dressing up as Hillary Clinton. But to be fair, him and his friend will be both candidates this Halloween. 

"They are two crazy candidates. They're both crazy. And I'm glad that everybody is having at least a little fun with it,” says Medlocke. "We're being nice and politically correct. We're covering everybody. We're going to work together, we're going to stand together and just hand out candy to the kids.”

You still have time to decide who you would like to be for Halloween, the big costume rush is still a week away.