Early voting has officially begun in the silver state, and on Saturday, thousands were expected to hit the polls. The lines were out the door at the only early voting place in Carson City. In just the first two hours, more than 600 people voted at the Carson City County Courthouse.

Some people said they were voting because they're ready for change in the country, others did so because they've been voting their entire life.

100-year-old Gertrude Gottschalk made her way into the Carson City County Courthouse to cast her early voting ballot, a right she's been exercising since 1940.

"I've always voted, my folks made it very important that we always do that," says Gottschalk.

She was born in 1916 which was 4 years before women even had the right to vote. When she turned 21, the legal voting age at the time, Franklin Roosevelt was running for office.

Gottschalk has been a lifelong democrat, and hopes Hillary Clinton can end up being the first woman elected as a U.S.  president.

“She certainly is qualified, she knows all the different countries, has visited them, she's done so many things," says Gottschalk.

Other voters say they voted today because this seems to be one of the most important elections they've ever seen. Mike Cady says he’s ready for a political party change in the White House.

“Donald Trump, I believe he's going to make the changes that we need, he's a business man and I think he's going to do what he says he's going to do," says Trump.

There are just over 27,000 active registered voters in Carson City, and while not all of those people will voted on Saturday, the county clerk's office says day one of early voting is one of the busiest.