Donald trump supporters cheered for their candidate at the Nevada Republican Party watch party Sunday night. The crowd applauded what some called Trump's more genuine and less scripted answers to questions than those of his opponent.

Jeff Jowett from Reno says, “He has a talent for coming back quickly with the right comment at the right time."

Democratic supporters at the Hillary for Nevada watch party often laughed at Trump's remarks, and what they called his unwillingness to remain on topic during a presidential debate.

Gayle Baxley from Reno says, “He was constantly interrupting or interjecting."

To both crowds' expectations, a portion of Sunday’s debate asked the candidates questions about Donald Trump's 2005 recording where he can be heard making vulgar comments about women. Baxley says she felt that the real problem surrounding the tape was overlooked.

“They didn't really get to the heart of the issue on women's rights, that it got overshadowed by the scandalous things that were said," says Baxley.

Jowett says he believes Trump could be given an honorable mention for not just apologizing about the recording but also maintaining his candidacy despite being demanded to drop out from many republican leaders.

“His responsibility to his millions of supporters that supported him for over a year now, so he felt, I think an obligation to see the campaign through,” says Jowett.