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Reality Check: 'No Big Deal"

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In a new advertisement from the coalition called "Protecting Nevada's Children," they are encouraging Nevadans to vote No on Question 2. Question 2 would legalize recreational marijuana use and sales in Nevada. 

Announcer: "This is today's pot. It is 10 times more powerful than a marijuana cigarette."

This claim is true. Even though it all depends on the amount of THC content, generally speaking, edible marijuana (like gummy bears, brownies, cookies etc.) is far more potent than the pot you smoke. But we asked Joe Brezney with the coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (he's the guy who wants people to vote yes on Question 2) about the claim. He says Nevada will have more regulations than other states. 

"We will control purity of the edibles," said Brezny. "We will insist on child-proof packaging with the edibles. And we'll also limit the dosages."

Announcer: "Colorado legalized edible pot two years ago. Emergency room visits who have accidentally consumed it have doubled."

This is misleading. Yes, visits to emergency rooms in Colorado have doubled, however, it's all about the numbers. A study by JAMA Pediatrics found that for every 100,000 people, there were 1.2 marijuana-related visits for children to the children's hospital. This data was two years before recreational marijuana was legal in that state. Two years after, that number went to 2.3 visits. Essentially it went from 1 to 2 visits per 100,000 people. 

Announcer: "Calls to poison control are up five times."

This is true, but you still have to take the claim with a grain of salt. According to the same study, in 2009, there were nine poison control cases of children exposed to marijuana. In 2015, that number was 47. 

"But they're being dishonest in what these numbers mean," said Brezny.  

Brezny says look at cleaning products for example. 

"There were 1,400 calls, for kids in the same age group that ingested those bright colored Tide laundry pods, or drank Drano or other cleaning products," he said. 

Question 2 asks if the Nevada Revised Statue should be amended so somebody 21 or older can purchase, cultivate, possess, consume marijuana while imposing a 15% excise tax on wholesale sales.         

Announcer: "Putting our kids at risk overnight. Vote 'no' on Question 2. Their lives may depend on it."    

"If Protect Nevada's Children really wanted to protect Nevada's children, they would be running a campaign against laundry detergent... not marijuana," said Brezny. 

The coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol put out a commercial of their own. It features a veteran named Brian Eberhart. He was given several painkillers for treatment, and became addicted. Eberhart says marijuana treated his pain effectively, however, marijuana is not an option with the VA. He encourages voters to say yes to Question 2 because, "Why should I have to live in pain?" he asks. It is important to note Question 2 has nothing to do with the VA. Instead, Brezny says it gives veterans, like Eberhart, easier access to treatment.

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