City Council members say the downtown Reno Arch is in need of maintenance. They discussed the potential changes at its Wednesday meeting. 

Proposed changes include replacing the faded ‘Reno’ letters and slogan with web-based programmable letters. 

The City says “the arch is in need of cleaning, planting, wiring and replacement of at least a portion of the metallic skin which covers the legs and underside of the arch.” Items for consideration include replacing the gold skin entirely with brushed steel or aluminum. 

The City says the “maintenance portion of the project can be completed for $40,000. Optional changes to the arch are anticipated to be approximately $135,000 additional, for a total estimate project cost of $175,000.” Half of the costs would be paid for the City's Capital Surcharge Fund, the other half would be requested by the RSCVA. 

"The Reno Arch notoriously is the number one most photographed icon in the city so making sure that it's maintained is important to our public perception and it's important to our community," says Deanna Gescheider, director of communications.

The current arch was installed in 1987. 

City staff members are recommending Council staff to seek public input on the potential changes.

"What we've brought forward today is an opportunity to bring the technology to a more current level, giving us the flexibility to program it and do the things that we need to do as far as those requests are concerned but keep the original design intact."