There will be the upgrades made to Mackay Stadium, and there might be some slight changes in parking because of some of the construction. Overall, the changes are expected to enhance the experience at the Wolf Pack games and fans are ready for it.

With fans gearing up for the Wolf Pack's first game of the year and that means buying almost anything silver and blue, it makes for a busy day at the Nevada Wolf Shop.

"They're definitely excited and proud to be part of the Wolf Pack and we get a lot of spirited people and we do have a lot of stuff that appeals to them." said Michelle Parker of Nevada Wolf Shop.

There is construction on a new fitness center that will be removing some parking spaces, but 300 new ones are available on the north end of campus. There will be no changes for tailgating. "Tailgating is part of the experience and getting out here early and throwing the football around with your kids or throwing a frisbee." said Doug Knuth, Director of Athletics.

Some of the biggest changes will be noticed inside the stadium. After the completion of an 11-and-a-half million dollar renovation project that includes more than 4,000 chair-back seats, club seating and outdoor box seats, wider aisles and handrails,  it will also include the Basin Street Club, a state-of-the-art video board, and a new silver and blue track.

Knuth continued "Yeah, the football game is gonna be amazing but I can't wait to see people come in and see the new scoreboard and see the new chair-back seats, see all the other amenities we put into the stadium, now. It's gonna make a big difference for the fan experience."

All of these upgrades and the return of the Wolf Pack has fans ready for some football.

Matt Ghilieri, Sophomore at the University of Nevada "I think it will be big. I remember last year for opening day, we couldn't even get a seat. We had to sit with my friend's dad because it was all filled up. So, I'm expecting the same this year."

Kayla Wolfson, Sophomore at the University of Nevada "I'm super excited. I love football season. It's such a great atmosphere and a great time to hang out with friends."