The sheriff's office in Carson City says that three individuals have been arrested for counterfeiting in the Carson City area. 

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division in conjunction with the Nevada Division of Public Safety Investigation Division and the United States Secret Service say that on Wednesday, August 24, they conducted an investigation into the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit currency in the Carson City area.

Officials say they arrested Conrad Hilbmann, Lorrie Lockwood and Kathleen Lockwood after seizing over $3,000 in counterfeit US currency. Investigators say after a search of a Carson City motel, they also found a counterfeit currency manufacturing lab, counterfeit currency in various stages of production and a small amount of methamphetamine.

Carson City Sheriff's Office says that the three suspects were all charged with counterfeiting, possession of a financial forgery lab, possession of forged bills, uttering a forged instrument, conspiracy to commit forgery and possession of a controlled substance. Authorities say they have referred the investigation to the United States Secret Service and that a federal prosecution is pending.

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Investigation is asking for anyone with information to please contact Detective Sam Hatley at (775) 283-7852 or Detective Morgan Tucker at (775) 283-7858.