The Reno Air Racing Association conducted an emergency tabletop exercise with first responders on Tuesday. Typically the association will hold this emergency exercise every other year, but in light of violence that has happened in the U.S. and around the world, air racing staff decided to hold an additional training this year.

Tim Spencer, Emergency Services Director, says these air racing emergency exercises are usually based off of a mock vehicle accident, like a plane crash. This year’s drill asked first responders what they would do during an active assailant situation.

"It gives us a chance to all get in here and talk with each other and generate some ideas, on how we could make things smoother, or how we could make things better," says Spencer.

Spencer says the active assailant drill required input from every organization, but had an additional focus on law enforcements role, specifically on how to deal with an active shooter.

He says no matter the type of drill, the whole idea of these exercises are to test and hone in on the mass causality incident plan, and the steps that would be needed to take care of people who might be injured.

"These people that talk today and get together in their groups are going to be thinking about this for the next two weeks and a lot of times that's where the changes are made that really make a difference," says Spencer.

The championship air races will begin September 14th and will take place at the Reno-Stead Airport.