Burning Man is just days away and out on the playa, Burners have to be ready for harsh conditions for their week-long trip to the Black Rock Desert.

So other than getting their funky gear together, they also need to stock up on some necessary items to survive the elements. 

"We have hot days and cold nights. Last year it got down to into the very low 40's. We had three days of white out dust storms," said Rick Bishop, a volunteer firefighter and Burner at Burning Man. 

Bishop is not only a Burner from Texas, but he's also a volunteer firefighter for Burning Man. He's gone to the event for the last three years. 

"I volunteer out there as a firefighter and help keep the community safe because we have 70 some thousand people out there in very close proximity to each other and we've got to be very safe," said Bishop. 

If you haven't planned months in advance like Bishop, he recommends you start gearing up now. Especially with food and water because, "There's nothing for sale out there, other than cups of coffee and bags of ice. You bring everything you need with you. And you haul of your trash back."

From tents to campers, Burners also stay in different shelters out on the playa. Carl 
Indindoli from New York plans on staying in his home away from home. 

"You don't go out to a place like that and live like you do at home. You want to enjoy the outdoors," said Indindoli. 

His military truck from the Vietnam War will be his bed for the week long event. He says it will also protect him from the dust kicking up out on the black rock desert. 

"This truck was made for the desert. Made for places in war. So you know, a desert would be nothing for this. Inside it you're safe," said Indindoli. 

Many trailers and RV's will be out on the road as thousands of more burners continue to get ready for the big event.