A new installation this year at Burning Man is hoping to raise awareness about the true nature of addiction.  For the first time the group Transforming Youth Recovery is taking their Doors to Recovery project to the playa.

“Our goal here, and always is to celebrate recovery and the beauty of recovery,” says Cricket Dundas, the Executive Director of Door to Recovery.

Built in the shape of an octagon with a large lotus on top, the flower represents a seed that begins in the mud and darkness and finds its way to bloom in the light.

David Lan, who helped design the art piece, shows off an ornate seed-shaped lantern that will hang from the middle of the ceiling;  "It will have all kinds of beautiful lights and it will reflect off the mirrored walls and I think it will allow people to see this is the seed that blossoms into the lotus.”

The interactive art piece has eight doors - some about addiction, others about recovery.

"We wanted to provide an interactive art piece that talked about addiction and recovery. We're really trying to DE-stigmatize addiction and promote awareness,” explains Lan.

The interaction happens when you choose which door to walk through. All are about addiction and recovery. Some are somber, some invite introspection.  "And when they finally do choose,” says Lan, “they'll get to come in and they'll see there will be kind off an interactive space where they'll be able to share their message.”

Inside, chalk boards and white boards inside offer a place for reflection

"Come in, express your thoughts, express your feelings, dedications to family members, whether it's a thank you or whether it's an apology" invites Dundas

For now, the lotus and the rest of the installation are being dismantled to begin the journey to the playa; where Transforming Youth Recovery is inviting everyone to experience the journey of discovery without drugs or alcohol.

"What makes you high naturally?” asks Dundas, “Is it spending time with your family, is it the beauty of the outdoors? Is it music? Is it reflection?"

Lan, who’s been to Burning Man many times over, says it’s a misconception that the festival in the desert is all about drugs, drinking and excess. "It's not the crazy excesses that change your life, it's that kinda disconnection from regular life and then all of a sudden being able to ponder and go, 'oh, wow, maybe life is something different."

Transforming Youth Recovery’s octagonal art installation will be located near the Esplanade at Burning Man.

Transforming Youth Recovery and Door To Recovery: http://www.doorstorecovery.org/

Doors To Recovery, P.O. Box 6448, Reno, NV 89513

TEL: 775.360.5672