The University of Nevada's, Freshman Intensive Transition boot camp, also called NevadaFIT, officially kicked off on Sunday, just one week ahead of the new school year.

NevadaFIT began in 2013 to help incoming biology students get a head-start in college. The academic boot camp has since grown and is now available across all eight colleges at the University of Nevada.

Jamie Farley, a NevadaFIT coordinator, says NevadaFIT is a five day course designed to increase college success and give incoming freshman a crash course on what college academics are all about.

“They get to meet all of their professors and they get to work with mentors who have been in the classes that they're going to be in their freshman year, so they're really going to get a leg up," says Farley. 

Farley says past students in the program have had a smaller likelihood of dropping out of college and have had a higher GPA. 2016 also marks the largest in size for Nevada fit. The college of science made the program mandatory for all 469 incoming freshman within the major, bringing the total of NevadaFIT students to more than 1,000 across 40 different college majors.

On Wednesday, NevadaFIT students will be testing trebuchets that they design and build. On Thursday, the students will be celebrating the end of NevadaFIT with a barbeque. Classes start for all University students Monday, August 29th.