The season is ripe for picking fresh fruit in Northern Nevada. 

"This is the biggest year that I've seen in the eight years I've been doing it," said Pamela Mayne of the Reno Gleaning Project. 

Pamela leads the Reno Gleaning Project, an organization which helps lower food waste by helping people clean up their trees and then donates the fresh produce to local charities in town. 

"In one day we harvested three hundred pounds of fruit off this tree," said Mayne. 

Scott Cooksley who works for Catholic Charities says that none of the picked food goes to waste.

"That's one of the first things that they stop buying. Or stop getting because maybe they can't store it or get it. We could definitely use more, some of the stuff we brought in today that will be gone in two to three days," said Cooksley. 

Bob plans on donating four more boxes full of peaches. He donates produce to Catholic Charities quite often. 

"Somebody has to do that," said Bob. 

"We're very grateful for our helpers that can help supplement that," said Cooksley. 

If you need help picking, Pamela and her staff are there to help on a first come first serve basis. They can be there for about three hours, free of charge. 

"As gleaners we want the person who grows the food to get the food and then we come and help them with what they can't use," said Mayne. 

They'll pick up the scraps too. Nothing goes to waste.

"We also have local farmers that come and pick and donate and then take all the waste fruit from under the tree, stuff that's smashed, stuff that fell on the ground and give that to their animals," said Mayne. 

This is a sweet project that continues to grow. 

You can contact the Reno Gleaning Project by calling (775) 813-6284.