Wyatt Hutchinson is taking a trip to the Sparks Police Department.

"We watch the news," said Jaime Hutchinson, Wyatt's mom. "We hear about the officers being shot all over the world and he told me he wanted to do something for our local police." 

Six-year-old Wyatt came up with an idea with a little help from mom, and from Pinterest, to bring Sparks Police Officers survival kits filled with candy. Each piece represents something specific, like mounds, for the 'mounds'  of courage you need to be an officer.
"Like the lifesaver," said Hutchinson, "because you are one."

Wyatt was able to tour the police department, where he, floor by floor gave out bag after bag.

"It's fun to see his face light up whenever he sees an officer," said Hutchinson. 

However, seeing those police shootings earlier this summer really got to him.

"Hearing that actually brought him to tears."

So this boy turned that grief into gratitude.

"Cuz they're awesome," Wyatt told us. 

"It's hard to fathom," said Officer Damon O'Connell. "You knew the support was out there, but you didn't know to what extent."

It wasn't just candy that Wyatt gave the police. His actions gave them something more.

"It's been unreal," said O'Connell. "The stuff that people are bringing down to us, people letting us know that they're thinking about us? It's unbelievable. It's nothing that I've seen in my career."

"I love it. He makes me so proud," said Hutchinson. 

Police officers are there to help us when we're down, and save us when we're in trouble, but on this day, at this police department, it looked like Wyatt did most of the helping.