This November, Washoe county residents will vote yes or no on ballot measure WC-1, which would raise the sales tax to fund school maintenance and construction.

The two groups arguing in favor and against the initiative are in the process of getting their message out to voters.

Jeffery Church is leading the way for the opposition and he's created a website called where there is a section dedicated to what he says are the issues of a sales tax increase. Church says he’s asking for volunteer help and encouraging voters to check out his website for more information on the ballot question, but his campaigning doesn't go much further than that.

“We don't have a formal group, we're just a number of citizens that are concerned and again a lot of the information is on the website and we are going to be holding some debates with the other side in the near future," says Church.

Church says he and the opposition committee have hardly spent a penny in their efforts.

“Some printing costs and things like that, but nope, it's just my way of giving back to the community,” says Church.

For the group in favor of WC-1, it's an entirely different story.

The Save our Schools, (SOS) coalition kicked off a field effort in June, just a month after opening an official campaign headquarters.

Alysia Peters, the field director, says the canvassing effort consists of staff members and volunteers making phone calls and knocking on doors seven days a week.

“Any level of engagement is important to us, we really believe this is a grassroots effort and so whether you have an hour a week or ten hours a week, we'd love to have the support,” says Peters.

Peters says the SOS coalition has hired a volunteer coordinator and Hispanic outreach coordinator in an effort to reach out to as many people as possible before November.

She says through their campaigning they've also gathered a lot of monetary support, from people who believe in raising the sales tax to fund Washoe County schools.

“We certainly have an aggressive goal of raising 1.4 million; I can say that we're getting close to the million dollar mark so it's an unprecedented amount of money and support from the community,” says Peters.

You can read more information from both sides at their websites and