It's not a very big headline to say that Donald Trump has alienated a lot of top-ranking Republicans, but that alienation is being felt here in Northern Nevada too.

Case in point; Liz Richard.

She's been voting Republican since 1964.

"That's right, I voted for Barry Goldwater," she says. "And for every Republican Presidential candidate since then."

She says that when Donald Trump first arrived to the scene she listened to him.

"But it's like every time he opens his mouth he inserts his own foot. I mean he says the craziest things and insults everyone. It was the comments on the judge in the Trump University case that was it. When I hear that I just said, 'that's it.' And I called my kids and said, 'I'm voting for Hillary Clinton.'"

She says she feels she's not alone in feeling he just isn't presidential.

According to the Nevada Secretary of State's Office, Democratic registration is outpacing Republicans for the state, and there are enough non-partisans to swing it either way for the state.

By the way during our 5pm newscast, we asked for any lifelong Democrats planning to vote republican this cycle to call us. And Judy Hull of Wellington, Nevada did. 

Erin Breen will head there Thursday morning for her story.