Local Democrats gathered at the county headquarters in Reno on Monday to add their voices to Democrats nationwide who object to Donald Trump's comments over the weekend comparing his own personal sacrifices to those of a Muslim-American family who lost a son to military service in this country.

"Every time we think Trump has hit a new low, here comes another one. And it just never stops," said Devon Reese who is running for Senate District 15.

"We want to reinforce concerns about seeing him become president and we feel he needs to apologize while he's here in Reno today," said Chris Wicker, Vice Chair of the State Democratic Party. 

Over the weekend the Democratic Headquarters was hit with vandalism and Wicker says it's a sign of the times. 

"We've had that sign there for more than a decade and never seen even a scratch on it. But I feel that Trump is campaigning and talking so much about racism and hate, it's fueled people to become far more radicalized than they were before."

Trump's running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence spoke in Carson City Monday afternoon and will appear at a rally at the Grand Sierra Resort Monday night.