Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence visited Northern Nevada with rallies in Carson City and Reno on Monday.

The Trump-Pence campaign attended a town hall meeting in Carson City, and afterward held a rally at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno tonight.

In Carson City, Pence spoke about his values, bringing unity to the Republican Party and the supporting his new boss, Donald Trump. "Never before have I seen a leader in my party that understands the frustrations and aspirations of the American party.

When Pence took aim at Hillary Clinton as a candidate unfit to be president, the crowd chanted and booed to "lock her up."

The Indiana Governor also spoke to the audience about his achievements in politics, like cutting taxes. 

Pence then went on to talk about how his running mate will protect our country, support law enforcement, and better our country. When it came to the question and answer period of the town hall, Pence talked to a military mother who expressed concerns about Trump's disrespect to the armed forces. 

"Captain Khan is an American hero, we honor him. Having spent time with Trump, he is devoted to the armed forces and veterans."

Earlier in the day, Pence visited the campaign headquarters of Sen. Joe Heck, in Reno.

Nevada is a key battleground state in the West.

Republican candidates carried the state for 20 years from 1968 to 1988 before Bill Clinton captured Nevada for the Democrats in 1992 and 1996.

The state went red the two elections after that, backing George W. Bush both times, but President Obama claimed the Silver State the last two times out.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)