Thousands gathered in Reno on Saturday for the annual CommUNITY Pride Parade and Northern Nevada Pride Festival. As an official part of Artown; both the parade and the festival are presented to the city of Reno by a nonprofit group called Our Center, which is northern Nevada’s only LGBT community center.

Saturday’s event had music, food and much more for the whole family to enjoy.

Organizers say the goal of the whole festival is to bring as many people together as they can to promote diversity and celebrate different cultures.

Meredith Tanzer, organizer of the CommUNITY Pride Parade, says Northern Nevada Pride is growing.

“It's hugely important that the community sees all of these shining faces that patronize business, contribute to our local economy and are generally good citizens,” says Tanzer.

She says this growth comes at an important time for the entire LGBT community.

Back in June, 49 people were killed inside a gay nightclub in Orlando, and the LGBT community in Reno is still remembering those lives that were lost.

“Unfortunately we have those loss of lives in Orlando but it's bringing out a lot of people that want to speak up and show solidarity," says Tanzer.

Some of the people showing their support today were the men and women from the Reno Police Department, while others showing their support at the event were just everyday individuals who think events like these give the community a chance to set their differences apart.

Sarah Worden of Reno says, "When it comes right down to it we all need to come together as a community and take care of each other, red, yellow, black, white, LGBT, straight it doesn't matter."