It's a beautiful summer morning and Trevor and his mother are taking a walk through a local park. It's an unusual event because Trevor just turned 20, and for the past eleven years, there were many days when he couldn't even get out of bed. It all began when he was about 8.

"He just stopped engaging in sports and the things he'd always loved to do. He said his legs hurt when he ran and the heat from the sun was too much," says his mother," Julie Sutton.

They began a search for a diagnosis. It took years to find out he has a very rare disorder called Erythromelalgia. Not only is it rare, but it is even rarer in children. They did the best they could manage his pain. 

"The best the medical community could come up with historically, was high doses of methadone, morphine and horse tranquilizer. We had to give him that kind of medication just so he could open presents on Christmas," said Trevor's father, John Sutton. "How ridiculous is that?"

"The first thing when I woke up would be pain," Trevor says. "Sometimes the sheets would hurt. Some days I couldn't use my hands or my feet. It really just depended."

That's when they struck upon cannabis, and it worked.

"Research showed it worked for epilepsy and cancer and MS and Parkinson's and migraines. It really is an amazing medication," said Dorea Shoemaker with the Palliative Care Corporation in California. "And the incredible thing about the Trokie, is that is gets directly into the blood stream when it dissolves, so in 15-30 minutes it can kill pain and it lasts for 3-6 hours."

John Sutton and his company Silver State Trading bought the patent on the Trokie and now they are using it help others. It's a lozenge that you put between your gum and cheek and the medication bypasses the GI.

"It was developed at UCSF to help kids who needed pain management with Chemo Therapy," Sutton says."We tried it and it worked for Trevor."   

"It not only helps with the immediate pain but with dealing with pain overall. I used to be so depressed I always felt defeated. But now I get out and try things and just am happier overall," Trevor says. "I feel like I can handle this and I just feel more normal."

Like all cannabis products, it is regulated by the state. The main component of Trokie is CBD, which is a non-psychoactive compound. Hopes are it can eventually be used instead of opioids, morphine or other treatments that can have many side-effects.