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'Breast Cancer 2 Bikini'

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We want to thank the many viewers who have reached-out to us to thank us for airing the Breast Cancer 2 Bikini special. We were proud to share the stories of these remarkable women with Northern Nevada, but reading the impact their stories have had on so many viewers is inspiring.

The full show is above if you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

Here are some of the comments we received about the show--


I enjoy seeing your programs on breast cancer and the women who have beat it. The last Sunday of February and after an eight year battle with breast cancer my youngest daughter Carla passed on to be with The Father. Carla always had a smile on her face. She was my red head. She was 55 years old with two grown children. Someday there will be a cure. 



I just finished watching your Breast Cancer 2 Bikinis piece this evening and I wanted to let you know you did a most wonderful job. 

In 30 minutes you were able to show the beauty, the love, the heartbreak, the triumphs and the failures of cancer. And you did it all with incredible compassion. I was moved to tears more than a few times. 

Kudos to you for devoting your time and talent to this project and a major thank you to your employer for realizing this is a story that deserves to be told outside of a regular newscast. 

As a person whose family has been touched by cancer, thank you. 

I hope you get to enjoy the holiday weekend with your family. 



Kristen Remington BRAVO - The B to B program was BEYOND AWESOME. 
Thank you for the hard work ~ to bring us a REAL look into the lives of these women and the accomplishments achieved. 
This needs to be shown across America 


Phew. That was an amazing piece of journalism. Thank you so much for the frankness and sensitivity. I kept thinking, Kristin Remington deserves a Pulitzer for this piece.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I have never commented on a news piece, and don’t have breast cancer (knock on wood), but was so moved by this.

I did not get to see it last night will it air again. I think these women are just wonderful. I saw the news piece and wanted to watch the show but fell asleep had major surgery two weeks ago and still healing. I remember when my grandma had breast cancer and they removed her breast I finally saw what they had done to her it was totally heart breaking but she was not even angry she was glad she was still alive so was I she got to meet her great grandbabies. God bless you ladies.


Kristen Remington, that was an awesome segment! The ladies are beautiful and should be proud of what they accomplished! They are all winners!!



Wow! It was perfect! Thank you Kristen Remington Mackenzie Stock KTVN for a remarkable story!



This is fantastic. As someone who's lost friends and family to this disease, and thankfully have friends who are survivors as well, I absolutely LOVE that these incredible courageous women are standing strong!



Kristen what you and your crew have given us is a voice and forum to educate, share and inspire others with our journeys in hopes that we can help others along the way of their own story.. You've told our stories in a way that nobody else could . A huge heartfelt thank you. I will forever be grateful for this journey of B2B and how you've shared it with everyone. 






I watched your special report on the ladies surviving from breast cancer. You are incredible.

You know how to smile and relate their stories. You showed us how much these ladies and their families go through. You showed the courage of each of these ladies and brought respect and understanding to each and all of them. 

I know you folks won awards for your reports on the homeless men and their turning their lives around. This far exceeds it and you should win every award out there for this. Thank you for your kindness and education to all of us. The tears form in our eyes and look for happiness for all cancer victims and for them to go into complete remission.




It was a beautiful and inspiring show. So admire the ladies and their courage and determination. Could not pick a winner, they were all winners.



Good job! Brought tears to my eyes



Inspiring piece. Heartwarming and poignant 



Thank you for sharing and caring, I watched the show , and I was so proud of all the women, I am a survivor too, going in on Tuesday for my check up, it's always scary. But to see all the LADYS shine made my day



Kristen Remington you did a phenomenal and heart wrenching job with this special story! I cried, laughed and prayed for each and every one of these women and their healthy future! God bless each and every one of you! You are all such beautiful inspirations! 



Just wanted to say congratulations on a job well done. Loved the story. Such courageous woman to share themselves to that degree. Cannot believe how great they all looked at the bikini competition. 
It has given me much needed motivation to get off the couch and get to the gym...
Thank you,


I teared up and cried several times. 
So wonderfully done.  I am speechless. I LOVED the raw photos.  WOW!  Those women are courageous and inspirational.


Your story was so touching and wonderful. I am so impressed with how brave all these women were.


You are amazing. Loved the special and love your huge heart, Kristen Remington.


I just wanted to tell you what an amazing job you did portraying this incredible journey with even more incredible women.


Really enjoyed the special. My husband even watched it and mentioned how intimate it was and enlightening. Just loved it and seeing the transformation and all the wonderful stories. Collectively a wonderful story of each of  you!


Wonderful job, Kristen, and sooooo inspirational. What magnificent women!


Amazing work on that special last night!
Long live good journalism. 


I'm watching and totally crying. How inspirational.


So well done ... incredible story! Amazing ladies!


Excellent work Kristin and hats off to these amazing women.


What a wonderful special! I cried through most of it because of its rawness and positivity. As a person who has never dealt with cancer directly, I didn't know about some of the things women go through. Thank you for the education and for bringing their struggles to light!


Great story tonight Kristen! Very inspirational!


Great work Kristen! Beautifully done story on such a beautiful group of women.



I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that we watched the special on Channel 2 the other day. It was fantastic! I don't think I've seen a locally produced piece that was as well done or important as that. 
That was one of the most inspiring things I've seen in many years.


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