The 97th annual Reno Rodeo is underway, and that's giving hundreds of vendors an economic boost. Throughout the day, you can find one booth after another in the indoor arena, with businesses selling a variety of goods to fans and participants. 

Jessica Logan, a member of the American Made Rodeo Team, is spending some of her down time, shopping.

"This is like our fifth lap," Logan said. "So it's half the reason why we come."

As many as 8,500 fans attend the rodeo on any given night. Between the spectators and the competitors, there are plenty of potential customers. Sharann Pfeffer is the owner of 'Ropes Galore'. She says the Reno Rodeo is great for her business.

"It's everything," Pfeffer said. "To be able to bring our product to this many people in one particular place at one time, it's really great for our business and your town does an excellent job."

'Ropes Galore' sells anything from horse bits to jewelry, on the road for about 32 weeks a year. 

Pfeffer says Reno is one of their best stops.

"This is our second largest show that we do all year long," Pfeffer said. "We also do the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, every year. So, Nevada's a good state for us."

Shoppers like Logan are on the hunt for anything money can buy.

"Shiny things, leather things, turquoise things, pretty things," Logan said. "She just got a pair of reins. We got some hats earlier. We got girls buying boots."

Local food vendors also see an uptick in revenue during the Reno Rodeo. BJ's Nevada Barbecue Company sees nearly 2,000 customers on the busy nights of the special event. It also gives the business some visibility and advertising.

"I actually enjoy doing the events," Jay Rathmann, Owner of BJ's Barbecue said. "It's a nice time, we're outside, people are great, customers are great."

Rathmann says he makes about as much money at the Reno Rodeo as he does during the Best in the West Nugget Rib Cook-off. The only difference is the amount of time put in. The rodeo lasts about twice as long as the rib festival. 

Rathmann shows that the rodeo has a broader reach than what is around the arena.

"Not just for us here but even the restaurant," Rathmann said. "We pick up tons of business while it's in town. So, it's a great event to be at and we're glad to be here."