We were told we would find a very powerful person inside a Reno realty office. Sure enough, we did. 

Nancy Fennell is the president of Dickson Realty, or as she says it... 

"Queen," Nancy joked. "Please edit that out." 

As you can see, she has a sense of humor, and humble is an understatement.

Nancy was more interested in talking about us, than herself. 

"What made you decide to go into broadcasting?" she asked me. 

But let's talk about her. In the late 1980's, Nancy partnered with her sister-in-law at Dickson Realty. 

"We had 54 agents when we started in '87."  

Today, they have about 290 agents, and they sell homes all over the region. A majority of realtors are female, but Nancy is a rare breed. 

"The bulk of the business is done by female realtors but the owners of those companies," she said. "I would suspect are less than 10% are owned by women."  

Nancy admits, getting to this level of success was a bit challenging. 

"The road was not always easy."  

But in the business world, she had to be super competent. 

"I had to over prepare," she remembers. "I had to work harder than my male counterparts did." 

Nancy has a lot of female role models, but her 99-year-old Aunt Mildred might be her biggest one. 

"She is one of my heroes, my mentors," she said. "She Mildred) lives on her own and she's sharp as a tack."

But Nancy has become a role model herself for women all around the country.  

In fact, she was inducted into the Nevada Women's Fund Hall of Fame in May. 

"You become inspiration for your community, for others to aspire," said Isabelle Rodriguez Wilson, President and CEO of the Nevada Women's Fund. "Therefore Nancy Fennell meets that criteria. She excels in her profession, and she gives us all so much."