The Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West is back in Reno. It gets started with Xtreme Bulls at 7pm.

"We have 40 bull riders and then we bring the top 12 back," George Combs, Reno Rodeo General Manager said. "So, if you're a bull riding fan, tonight's the night to watch because all you're gonna see is a lot of bull riders."

The Reno Rodeo has a total purse of a $500,000. The full slate of events get started, Friday night.

"We have roping, we have barrel racing, we have all-day events every day in the indoor arena," Combs said. "We have drill team competitions, we have the Mustang Makeover."

One of the crowd favorites is Mutton Bustin, when kids get a chance to get on a sheep and hold on for dear life. Along with the events, inside the arena, there is a lot going on outside, too. Hundreds of vendors are set up, selling food, furniture, clothing and art. There is something for all ages, including the carnival rides.

"One of the best carnivals in the whole western United States, this week and the next ten days," Combs said.

Combs says this is one of the top four rodeos in the U.S. and Canada, and credits the fans for its success.

"There's so much passion in Nevada, the western way of life, the western heritage," Combs said.

The Reno Rodeo is approaching the century mark, now in its 97th year.

"It's the longest running legacy event in the Reno area, northern Nevada, and the people have just been behind it," Combs said.

There are some changes, this year. The rodeo parade will move to Midtown, this Saturday. Since Mutton Bustin filled up in five minutes, 100 kids will get a chance to ride the sheep on Saturday, June 25. They have to sign up for the event at the parade. Overall, Combs says the rodeo offers a chance for people to let their inner-cowboy out, once a year.

"You see them leave with a smile on their faces and they really get quality entertainment," Combs said. "They got to be a cowboy for a day, and a lot of these people will repeat and come back another night and have more fun."

None of the nights have sold out, so fans can still purchase tickets at or at the ticket booth.