The Reno Rodeo Cattle Drive made its way into Reno today from their 100 mile journey through the Nevada desert.  Hauling more than 300 steers and equipment from Doyle, California, these would-be cowboys and cowgirls are getting an experience as authentic as they come. 
For those who pay the $2,000 to get a taste of the rugged old west, they also benefit the Reno Rodeo Foundation.

"Everything that is done through the Reno Rodeo is a benefit to the community directly," said Clara Andriola, Executive Director of the Reno Rodeo Foundation.

For some, this lifestyle is hard work, but for Trail Boss Butch Van Leuven, it's nothing but fun.

"We'll I'm gonna tell you and I ain't gonna tell you again. It's time to round up these doggies," said Van Leuven with his authentic John Wayne accent.

It's about "rough-necking it" out here as cattle drivers say, but there is nothing rough about Regina Brush. This is her 16th Cattle Drive and her job is simple, yet important: serenade the crew.

"Just sing a song and bring the happy weather," sang Brush.

Cattle drivers don't get to sleep-in. When breakfast is over, break down begins. They do this every morning over the 5 day journey hauling all their hay, water, and equipment to the next stop. 

Their journey made its final stop today down Clear Acre and Sutro street to the Reno Livestock Event Center.

Hundreds of people lined the streets to see the spectacle. After today's cattle drive was done, next year's was already being planned.

"The applications for next year's drive will be available to the guests today so we're already starting for next year," said Van Leuven.