Twenty-five rookie seasonal firefighters are on the verge of finishing the academy at the Nevada Division of Forestry. Part of the week-long training includes a wildfire simulation that requires most of the same equipment you could find on a real wildfire. 

The simulated burn area is about 10 acres, known as the Sonoma Fire, which is treated as an active fire.

"It's very exciting," Tyler Lowry, NDF Rookie Seasonal Firefighter said. "The training, as much experience as we can get, is just going to be hugely beneficial to us when we actually get out there."

The drill includes a helitack crew, hose lays, line cutting, and engine drills. The unknown is always possible, including a simulated flat tire on one of the trucks. Basically, it has everything except the flames and the smoke.

"This will be a good opportunity for our new wildland firefighters to have the experience, working around all the chaos, between the engines, the radio traffic, helicopter flying by," Paul Carmichael, NDF Area Supervisor said.

Safety procedures are followed, and firefighters treat each task like a real-life scenario. Communication is part of that, which is extremely important on any fire. The drill just happened to fall during a dry, windy day, which serves as another type of education.

"Today, just by coincidence, happens to be a red flag warning," Carmichael said. "So, we have the low humidities, the high winds. This is the type of weather conditions that the guys will be experiencing out on the fire line."

Lowry was on a hand crew, responsible for getting containment around the fire.

"The outside of the perimeter of the fire, we'll be cutting line, taking away the fuel away from the active fire," Carmichael said. "It's fun and exciting and a little bit of nerve-racking but this experience is just going to help us in the long run."

The training session lasts all week, and requires a minimum of 40 hours. This group will complete about 60 hours. 

To make things even more realistic, the firefighters are sleeping in tents, and a kitchen staff is on site, in charge of preparing their meals. The class wraps up Friday, and the firefighters will be stationed across the state to fight fires, as early as Saturday.