Kytanna Prokosch has enjoyed sewing ever since she was a young girl. Today the owner of Zozobee Flexwear is using her talents to help empower a group of women training for a fitness competition; “Girls who have survived and want to do something healthy for themselves." She is donating time and materials to create custom bikinis for nearly two dozen breast cancer survivors to wear at the Nevada State Fitness Competition on Saturday, June 11th. Each one takes about two hours to create; with rhinestone embellishments and connectors that add some bling to the already sequenced fabric. Kytanna is certain her suits will highlight all their hard work. “It's the cherry on top. It's what completes the hard work that they strive for."

Kelly Lopez is also donating her talents. The International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) professional, has spent the past several weeks teaching them to pose like the pros. “Pop that booty out more!” she laughs as she polishes their on-stage presence. While it is important to know which muscles to showcase on stage, Kelly says it is more important to get up there and have fun. “It’s all about being confident,” she adds, even in five-inch high-heels. “You've worked your heart out for this show. That's what will shine to the judges."

Posing takes a lot of practice, however. After the first practice, Jacki Hallerbach says, it’s "uncomfortable, awkward, but I think we'll get it."

Sharon Blackwell adds, "We are going to look good!”

Wendy Meyers says this process has helped revive the feeling of femininity. “It feels very empowering and you get comfortable in your own skin again."       

Their support team doesn't end there. "A tablespoon of peanut butter is this,” demonstrates Julie Hansen. The personal trainer and nutritional consultant at Evoke Fitness designed all their meal plans. “I don't go with the cookie-cutter diet. Each person is different. Everybody gets their own nutrition program." From measuring macro-nutrients to tweaking eating times, she says there is no cheating when competing and it will pay off. "They've done so well. I cannot wait for their transformation to be seen!"

During the final weigh-in of this six month journey, there are lots of smiles and no shortage of cheers. "You're down eight more pounds!” shares Evoke Owner, Mena Spodobalski, who donated six months of training to the women.

“Woo-hoo!” Mena tested their body composition regularly during this process. Recently they have been lifting weights four days a week and doing cardio six days a week. Their commitment and dedication is validated by the numbers on the body fat machine and tape measure. "Since January, the group has lost 279 pounds - which is pretty amazing!"

They have lost a lot weight during this journey, but they've gained so much more: their confidence, these friendships, and the courage to conquer life after cancer.

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