Thomas Vuong is a Vietnam Veteran but his past is different than most. You see, Vuong was an officer in the South Vietnamese Army and he was assigned as a liaison to the U. S. Marine Corps stationed there. He worked at their side for years. When the two dozen Marines he worked with were hit with shrapnel he was hospitalized with them for a month. And after the fall of Saigon, the Marines went home, and Vuong spent six years as a prisoner of war under North Vietnam. 

But he never lost his plans for the future nor his vision. 

"His drive was always to come to America," said Andy LePeilbet who is a fellow Purple Heart recipient with Vuong. 

Once here, he became a citizen because he was proud to have helped America ad because he felt he wanted to be a part of the future here.

"This nation will only be the land of the free for as long as it is the home of the brave," he said. 

Veterans here have been working on re-establishing his record that was lost during the war and qualifying him to go on Honor Flight Nevada.

Over Memorial Day weekend, he made that trip. 

"Not only was he proud to make that trip he is proud to be here and to have helped. He has got to be the most patriotic person I've ever met," said John Yuspa with Honor Flight Nevada.

"And I think it's possible that he's the only non-U.S. Veteran ever to have been on Honor Flight," LePeilbet added.

Honor Flight has two more flights set for this year. You can learn about them, donate to the cause or sign up as a veteran at