Congressional District #2 has been a Republican District since it was created. But this year Democrats have three candidates running to turn that seat Democratic. 

Mark Amodei is a two-term Republican incumbent. He's championed land issues during his time in Washington, and he's made no secret of his dismay with the gridlock there and he's also announced plans to run for Governor. 

Democrats see that as a weakness. 

"It appears he's not enjoying his job and wants to come home," said Washoe County Dems Chairwoman Cecelia Colling. "If you don't have that fire in your belly and you can miss things that you shouldn't be missing."

Three Democrats have lined up to take on the task of unseating Amodei.

Rick Shepherd is a Northern Nevada Businessman who calls himself a progressive supporter of Bernie Sanders.

Chip Evans has served as the chairman of the Washoe Democrats.

And Vance Alm has run for this seat once before.

While the Washoe GOP has been highly dysfunctional this cycle they feel that Donald Trump's enthusiasm will carry Republicans down the ticket. 

"Trump has gotten so many Republicans to just get out and do something. And during the caucuses we saw a huge surge in registration. That will pay off for us," said appointed Chair of the Washoe GOP, Roger Edwards.

There is an Independent American Candidate by the name of John Everhart. He is a Vietnam Veteran running to give voters an alternative to the two major parties.

And Drew Knight is running with no political party. He has no website.

The registration in Congressional District #2 leans 40,000 to the Republicans. But as we all know having voters registered and actually getting them to the polls are two very different things.