The U.S. Attorney's Office says two Reno men were sentenced on Tuesday for their participation in a prescription drug ring that also involved Dr. Robert Rand and Richie West. 

The U.S. Attorney's Office says Ryan Smith and Joshua Green both received community service and a $2,000 after pleading guilty.

Kathleen Griffin, the last of nine people involved will be sentenced on Monday.

They were part of a prescription drug ring headed by Richie West. West was released to a drug treatment program in January after being credited time served for a two-year sentence.

Dr. Robert Rand also pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and drug distribution charges and received 10 years in prison.

Omar Ahsan Ahmad, Clint Mitchell Bloodworth, Alan Russel Martinez, and Braden Kyle Riley all were sentenced to five years' probation.

West said he got his prescription pills from Dr. Robert Rand because of chronic back pain, but would sell the extra pills to his alleged co-conspirators for them to sell.  

Prosecutors say the type of activity happened from at least November 13, 2012 until his arrest on April 28, 2016. 

At the time of the criminal conduct, defendant Rand was a Nevada-licensed physician who operates Rand Family Care in Reno and defendant West was the manager of the Jones-West Ford dealership. All of the other defendants were also employees at one time of the vehicle dealership.  Rand allegedly prescribed narcotics, such as oxycodone, without a legitimate medical purpose and outside the usual course of his professional practice.  Beginning on about Nov. 13, 2012, and continuing to about April 28, 2016, Rand allegedly issued prescriptions for substantial amounts of oxycodone to his co-defendants, who filled the prescriptions at local pharmacies and illicitly distributed them.  On September 30, 2015, Rand allegedly issued an unlawful prescription for oxycodone, resulting in the death of an individual.  

The indictment alleges that on April 28, the day that West was arrested, he possessed in his truck two pistols and a rifle during and in relation to drug trafficking crimes, and in his residence two pistols and a rifle during and in relation to drug trafficking crimes. 

(The Department of Justice contributed to this report.)