Last week's prescription drug raid in Reno has brought to light the reality of prescription drug abuse, and there are many state programs in place that I.D. people with addiction.

One of the ways state officials track potential prescription drug abusers is the prescription monitoring program.

Every prescription filled for a control substance is transmitted to a database at the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. When so called "doctor shoppers" visit several different physicians and pharmacies for prescriptions, the person is red flagged and the board lets the doctors know they are being scammed.  

"We know who got the prescription, what the drug is, what the quantity is, what day it was filled, and who prescribed it," said Larry Pinson, Executive Secretary of the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. 

Governor Sandoval signed a law last year that requires physicians to use the monitoring program before prescribing controlled substances. 

Even though it is a felony to doctor shop, the prescription drug monitoring program is about getting people treatment.

"The design of the system is not to put people in jail and it's not used by law enforcement to go fishing or anything, it's basically to identify these people and get them help."