Richard West Jr.'s attorney, David Houston, spoke with reporters Friday outside the U.S District Court in Downtown Reno about his client. 

"We are really disappointed," said Houston. "We have a person who has been in this community their whole life and they have no prior criminal history."    

West was denied release during Friday's detention hearing. 

"Apparently, the court did not feel comfortable because he did own firearms, and of course, the magnitude of the case," said Houston. 

The U.S Attorney alleges more than 61 firearms and an arsenal of bottles of pills were found at West's south Reno home during Thursday's operation. West is charged with count two of continuing a criminal enterprise. If convicted, it is a minimum of 20 years in prison.

"I think the charges are overstated," said Houston. "This is certainly one of those deterrence cases where they're trying to get the word out to other medical professionals, 'be careful what you prescribe.'"

According to Houston, West has had, 'some of the worst medical conditions imaginable since he was 19,' and that some of the prescription pills were prescribed to him by doctors. 

"So now he is essentially carrying the weight for what some would then argue was a bad decision of his medical provider," Houston believes.  

Houston tells us his client never illegally sold prescriptions. 

"The selling of drugs is an allegation by the government that is absolutely not true."

However, the U.S Attorney alleges West handled as many as 800 pills per day, selling them for the last two-and-a-half years for $30 to $45 per pill.

Houston is ready for whatever the case may bring next. 

"Today he lost his detention," he said. "We did not lose the case. He (West) is aware of that."