The Wildest, Richest Rodeo in the West has been a part of Reno for nearly a century.  While the events stay the same, there are some minor changes to some of the auxiliary events during the Reno Rodeo.  One of those changes will be the location of the parade from downtown Reno to Midtown.

"Moving the parade down to Midtown is really exciting for us to build that back up. It hasn't been well-attended," George Combs, General Manager of the Reno Rodeo Association said.

The famous cattle drive will continue in its regular location, making its way down Clear Acre Lane and Sutro Street to the rodeo grounds.  One of the more popular events of the rodeo is Mutton Bustin', when kids get on a sheep's back, and hold on for dear life.  As part of Kid's Day, another section of Mutton Bustin' will be added this year.

"We're going to take a hundred kids' entries for Mutton Bustin' and they're gonna have to enter at the parade," Combs said.

Returning to the Reno Rodeo is a kickoff concert.  This year, country music star Billy Currington will headline the concert.

"That's truly a kickoff concert this year," Combs said. "It's just the night before on Wednesday before the Xtreme Bulls."

With less than two months before the rodeo, about 1,000 members are working to get everything in order for one of northern Nevada's biggest special events.  The rodeo lasts for ten days but it takes all year to prepare for it.

"None of this could have happened without the dedication and talent of all of the Reno Rodeo volunteers who work all year round to prepare for ten special days," Clara Andriola, Executive Director of the Reno Rodeo Foundation said.

During Thursday's luncheon, the 2016 Reno Rodeo limited edition poster was unveiled, showing a horse-drawn wagon moving through the desert.  A check of nearly $160,000 was also presented to the Reno Rodeo Foundation.  The money is used for things like academic scholarships, and donations of clothing and shoes to abused and abandoned children.

"It supports  children with extraordinary needs," Andriola said. "We build community partnerships and certainly we're good stewards of those dollars. So, it means a lot."

The Reno Rodeo continues to be a fixture of cowboy culture in Nevada, growing in popularity for the residents of the Silver State.

"I think it's the sense of community," Eva Werschky, Miss Reno Rodeo 2016 said. "The Reno Rodeo really is its own family that puts it on and you can feel that at the rodeo. Really just feel the passion about the Reno Rodeo."

"Our mission is to keep the western lifestyle, the western heritage going in Nevada," Combs said.

Combs says the Reno Rodeo is the fourth largest PRCA rodeo in the United States and Canada, out of 650 rodeos, and is the culmination of a lot of hard work.  He says everyone in the association is ready for the 2016 rodeo.

"In the big wagon wheel, the spokes are starting to come together and we're ready to role," Combs said.

The event is June 16-25.  Tickets are on sale, now.