Tom and Mike Dolan have been spending time catching up this week. The two aren't even a year apart in age but they have been states apart for months now as Tom recovered from life-saving surgery. He had a lung transplant and a double-bypass on his heart.

And while Tom's family has visited him in Arizona, this is the first time Tom has made a trip back here.

"It was a long and involved surgery - I mean it took 12 and-a-half hours!" Tom says. "And it's taken months just to get up and moving again. But I'm here."

He says he actually wanted to come and see his grandson play T-ball. He says this is a trial week here to see if he can live with the oxygen saturation levels at this altitude. So far he says he can notice a difference but that he feels he can live with it. He also says he was overwhelmed with all the notes and cards and well-wishes from Reno.

"I have a huge stack of them and prayer cards and it was unbelievable," he says.

He also said the surgery really changed him.

"I promised God that if I got through this I would help other people. So I'm not gonna work anymore, at least not in an office. I'm going to work with charities and help other people and it will be a whole new different part of life for me," he said.

It will be months before he moves back for good, but he says he's excited about the future.