Many people monitor their heart rate during exercise - on a watch or cell phone. But now your beats per minute are being used in group settings to compete with yourself and your friends. Learn more about Pulse Pursuit in Health Watch.


"You have about 45 seconds left!"

"Good job, you guys! You're killing it right now."

It's not about your PR - but your HR in this class.    

Welcome to "Pulse Pursuit" at South Reno Athletic Club where your heart beat does all the talking.

“When you're in that spiker zone, I want you at 100%."

And the trainers here can see that you're pushing yourself to the max.
We all have heart rate monitors on... 

"That calculates a maximum heart rate that you should be at based on age, height and weight."
And during a series of circuits, the trainers watch as our heart rates rise.

You'll notice during moderate weight lifting.

But after speed work on a non-motorized treadmill, we all jump to the fat burning and anaerobic zones.

"It's really cool because the numbers don't lie. If you're dogging it in here, you're not going to see results and the monitors are going to show it."
Pulse pursuit launched at South RAC a few weeks ago.
Trainers consider it a one-two punch, if you're looking for a workout that combines strength training with bursts of cardio.

"So you're going to get a lot of muscle building, you're going to get fat loss through cardio and your metabolism will be boosted through the whole day."
And although you're not one-on-one, trainers still monitor you personally. In fact, they call it "individualized" group training.

"It's almost an oxymoron, but it makes a lot of sense. You're in a group setting, but each person is individually being monitored with a heart rate monitor, so they're each getting maximum results."
It's an hour of interval training that mixes in some friendly competition, too for a calorie-burning, fat blasting workout - tracked specifically to you.

Pulse Pursuit is being offered every Saturday morning at South RAC. Your first class is free. Members pay $99 a month which includes your own heart rate monitor and boxing gloves.