Urban agriculture has come to the city of Sparks. The city council there has three ordinances to fuel it. The City is now allowing community gardens, bees and chickens within the city limits. 

"It shows that the City has finally gotten onboard with the whole trend of people growing their own vegetables and their own food and now they are finally allowing them to have chickens," says Pawl Hollis with the Rail City Garden Center.

And he says they have been tremendously popular so far. 

"Hens lay an egg a day. So if people have say, 3 or 4 chickens, they have 3 or 4 eggs a day and at the end of the week that's a lot of eggs!"

Wendy Urruty couldn't agree more. She lives on a half acre of land.

"We call this God's half-acre and I wanted chickens to help with the bugs and the weeds, they make great fertilizer for the raised beds here. They are friendly and they lay eggs!" she says. 

She's put up a chicken coup for her girls. They are still a few months away from laying eggs but will be in full production this summer. 

You can get them tiny for as little as $4 a chick, full grown laying hens for $30-$40 a piece and anything in between.