"Mr. Jones, you're in pain right now? The doctor has ordered some nitroglycerin for right underneath your tongue."

When nurses walk into Renown Health’s Simulation Lab, they are faced with a wide variety of scenarios. The patient could be in pain, have a fever or even high blood pressure and the nurse must treat him appropriately.

Here’s the thing… the patient is plastic!

Renown’s new lab includes three high-fidelity patient simulators - a man, a woman and a baby. The incredibly realistic mannequins can mimic normal human functions. For example, they have a pulse, they can cry, sweat, bleed and the female mannequin can even simulate giving birth! The scenarios are endless and they are mostly controlled by a computer - manipulated by a medical expert in an adjacent room. However, if medicine is administered properly, the mannequin itself can advance the scenario.

Director of Nursing Education at Renown Health, Erin Van Kirk says this lab serves as a very safe, realistic and practical resource for clinical staff. "Physicians, nurses and even students have opportunities to see things they may not see very often in the clinical setting and practice those."

The trio of mannequins will be available for staff to use in May, and they were made possible by community donations.