North of the Truckee River and just northwest of downtown Reno is MLS area number 121 Northwest Suburban Reno. Built in 1982, McQueen High School is located in the heart of Northwest Reno when the only roads reaching the school were Seventh Street and Robb Drive which were both dirt roads at the time. Currently, Seventh Street and Robb Drive are two of the main roads in and through this Reno, NV area. Shortly after the completion of the high school, this area grew to encompass a mix of houses, condos and apartments along with shopping and parks throughout the area. Northwest Suburban Reno offers a variety of options for new residents relocating to northern Nevada with homes for sale averaging in the mid $200,000s. A short ten minute drive to downtown Reno, Northwest Suburban Reno is a quiet bedroom community, offering the close proximity to downtown without the noise and crowds.

Since this community was basically built around McQueen High School, it’s no surprise that this is the high school zoned for this neighborhood. However, the bottom portion of this area defined as below Interstate 80 is zoned for Reno High School. Middle schools in this area are Billinghurst Middle School and Clayton Middle School. Elementary Schools include Melton, Towles, Warner, Westergard and Winnemucca.

Some of the neighborhoods in this area include Sky Country Estates which is just west of the McCarran loop.  The rest of the neighborhoods in this region tend to be defined as the main street that they are near including Robb Drive, Kings Row and Mae Anne.

With two baseball fields, Hilltop Park holds many youth baseball games. Along with the fields, Hilltop Park also has picnic areas and a playground. Sky Country Park is a neighborhood park near Sky Country Estates containing a volleyball court and playground. Las Brisas Park has two playgrounds for the kids along with three basketball courts and lots of open space. Covering over 25 acres, Terrace Sports Complex contains soccer fields, four Little League baseball diamonds, practice fields, playground and batting cages. Valley Wood Park has two playgrounds an shelter and 3 basketball courts. Located next to Billinghurst Elementary School, Northgate Park has lots of open field with walking trails, a playground and picnic areas. Canyon Creek Park has horseshoe pits, basketball and a playground along with shelters for picnic areas. With a playground, shelters and basketball courts, Rainbow Ridge Park is very open with lots of space to run and walk.  Around the park are many walking trails, but be cautious because after dark this area is said to be haunted by a woman and three men who were discovered here in the 1970s. Following is a link for a map to these parks,

As this area was all built after 1982, there is not one major shopping center, but several smaller well defined shopping centers with grocery stores, restaurants, and other small businesses almost around every corner.  This region is an interesting area as it was built around a school, with the neighborhood and shopping added later. It was truly built centered around the school and families and this makes it almost a true bedroom community neighborhood to Reno.